Technology Solutions

Bringing automation to life, one client at a time.

PDX-Tech is a technology solutions R&D firm with an emphasis on rapid development and deployment of both software process and physical automation systems. We believe in a future where menial labor is eliminated and the human mind is freed from monotonous and low skilled tasks.

The PDX-Tech Vision

We are committed to bringing the most progressive automation technology to niche markets and routinely underserved processes. By incorporating rapid product development practices, and a software driven design, we are able to bring cutting-edge technology typically reserved for only the largest scale applications to our customers.

Founded 2018

PDX-Tech was founded in Portland Oregon in 2018, and all manufacturing, assembly, support, and fabrication is done in-house, or with local partners.

Data is at the forefront of everything we do, and we focus on streamlining efficiency by automating repetitive processes. Our systems adapt and evolve through the innovative and swift application of technologies. Our iteration process allows us to quickly apply the most advanced technologies to today’s automation problems.

We have the agility needed to adapt to our fast-changing business environment, and we actively pursue opportunities to work with industry partners for new product development.

Subject Matter Experts

Our expert team is dynamic and adaptable, with diverse backgrounds and skill sets ranging from spacecraft operations to microfluidics.

Every product is built and tested onsite, and backed by on-demand and customized support from our engineers.

We strive to maintain a customer focused development process, and are proud of our efforts to incorporate consumer change requests into our revisions.


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